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Registered trainings

Professional advanced studies

Machine operator license

Adult education and training

Our main activities are registered (OKJ) education, other professional accredited training, disability equality training. We do accredited further training system for hydraulic mechanics. The improved knowledge helps decrease the downtime, improves the quality, to prevent the unexpected malfunction and makes the maintenance be planned.

Advantages of the right trained colleague

  • decrease the downtime
  • decrease the number of the unexpected breakdown
  • fast and right diagnostic
  • ability to plan a stock form spare parts
  • be planned maintenance
  • to avoid the harm of the machines
  • decrease the a maintenance price
  • developing the knowledge of operators
  • the right machine handling to avoid accident at work
  • the chance to deliver the knowledge
  • avoid the inefficient intervention
  • increase the personal sense of responsibility

Registered trainings

  • Crane operator
  • Power hoist operator (except forklift)
  • Energy-transformer machine operator
  • Building material preparatory handler
  • Forklift driver
  • Road maker and maintenance machine operator
  • Grounding, utility and maintenance machine operator
  • Waste-site operator
  • Electronic waste sorter, adapter
  • Waste adapter machine operator
  • Waste collector and transporter
  • Waste sorter and adapter
  • Sanitation machine operator
  • Settlement cleaning vacuum machine operator
  • Hoist administrator

Professional advanced studies

  • Hydraulic basics
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors knowledge
  • Hydraulic systems commissioning, operating, maintenance and repair knowledge
  • Hydraulic system planning
  • Hydraulic system maintenance, repair and planning
  • Cargo paletizing
  • Waste collector machine handler
  • Road cleaner machines repair and maintenance
  • Hydraulic and pneumatics
  • Hydraulic presses machines
  • Machine handler license

Non Destructive Testing

  • Radiographic testing (RT)
  • Magnetic-particle inspection (MT)
  • Dye penetrant inspection (PT)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • Visual inspection (VT)
  • Electromagnetic testing (ET)

Services joined to training

  • Preliminary knowledge survey
  • Survey the education needs and education guidance