Technological implementation

More than 20 years on the field on industry Our experienced colleges guarantee the quality level of implementation what chemical industries and pharmaceutical industries needs.
Our goal is to get credit from our partners and keep it with our jobs quality, to serve all the expectations with the right business attitude. Our purpose is to be environmentally deliberate for the better quality of life and conservation.
  • industrial pipeline planning and all round implementation
  • technological installation
  • building technology, climate and ventilation technique
  • steel structure implementation
  • air technique implementation
  • plastic industry implementation

Technological pipeline implementation

Production, installation, welding on the location (air, gas, inert gasses, oxygen, acid, alkali and other materials conveyance)

Plastic technological implementation

PE-, PP-, PVDF-, PVC-lined, pipelines, plates installation, painting, insulation and other surfaces coating with plastic. Our technical background and knowledge is the background for the high precision welding application.

Boilers and pressure vessel mounting at the loction, installation

Connecting pipeline technological installation and welding, additional iron structure ( stainless steel walking surface, pipeholders, etc.) building and welding.

Energy pipeline system implementation

for air, deep freeze, super deep freeze. We take all kind of stainless steel system building, relay on our routine. The high quality material technology and high knowledge on implementation is the guarantee for the high quality job. We have the welding experience in the next level corrosionresistant steels like duplex. Got the technological knowledge and quality management what the high quality implementation needs. Our company takes all needs about high risk of fire and explosion material, non dangerous fluid and gas storage or getting it in to system.

Machine moving, installing and stats

Chemical industry machines and production lines moving, installation.

Device and device group installing

Autoclave, nauta drier and support system installation

Building machinery pipeline implementation

Produce, mounting on the location or remote installation

Climate technique

Industrial climate and extraction systems, air technique systems implementation.

Dangerous liquid and fusion containers assembling

Autoclaves, sterile equipments, filter systems, radiator colons, dry and wet separator, etc, container building, connecting tube net assembling, welding and presser test.

Maintenance, repair

We take maintenance by qualified team with Individual agreement, business relation, framework contract or maintenance contract form.

Main contractor

During our more than 20 years in business, we mostly do our jobs as a main contractor.